Team – Ashish Pandhi


Ashish always had an interest in programming with a natural curiosity to determine how apps and website back-ends work, he has excelled in his field. Long before Essence Labs was founded, Ashish worked with Deep on freelance projects as the coding expert behind Deep’s designs. In 2010, he decided to turn his hobby into a career and helped co-found Essence Labs. Having worked on numerous projects and developed many complex applications for various clients across diverse industries, he specializes in adapting to and improving upon existing code-bases. In his spare time, he learns new web technologies and incorporates them into his work. Keeping Essence Labs and their clients at the cutting edge and often ahead of the pack. When not programming he likes to browse source codes of websites and scan them for vulnerabilities and exploits. He also secretly loves Tumblr, and through his testing, has “broken it” on many occasions, which in fact did get us into trouble with them a few years ago. Since then we actively report back bugs and exploits as we find them to contribute to the Tumblr user experience and safety.

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