Team – Deep Soni


Deep developed a sheer interest in how the web worked since he was ten years old. He created his first website when he was twelve and continued teaching himself to code and design throughout his teen years. Before Essence Labs he used to freelance and helped small business with their online presence. After noticing the hassles people went through while getting their work done, Deep founded Essence Labs in 2010. With a mission to make the whole process easy, he formed a freelance collective of highly talented people that got things done while keeping the bar set high.

Deep leads the creative process for our clients with a passion for integrated branding that focuses on developing emotional connections with consumers. Aside from being involved in the creative process, Deep loves working on frontend UI/UX design and development. He is currently pursuing a BFA in Communication Design and has a keen interest in learning new tools of trade. In his free time he assists our team with server administration or product development. He also enjoys blogging about technology/design and is a complete social media junkie.

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