What is Queue+?post scheduling platform

Queue+ is an advanced post scheduling platform made for Tumblr. It was built as an addon to our Archive Poster app to help users queue more than a hundred posts at once, but has evolved into a much advanced queuing system. During the development we ran across many limits and restrictions imposed by Tumblr on their queues and after reviewing user feedback we decided to re-create Tumblrs queues from ground up with advanced users in mind. Queue+ allows users to bypass default Tumblr limits, helps them queue an unlimited amount of posts and lets them post more than 200 posts at custom intervals over 24 hours.

Some other unique features include multi-user blog management and analytics. Queue+ allows you to give secure access to your blog to other Queue+ users without giving out your password. This is helpful for blogs that have multiple authors or companies who want to keep their account safe and let a few users be able to publish to it securely.

For the users that wish to do more we also have a subscription offering called Queue+ Pro which lets users keep more than 600 posts in their queue and lets them link one Queue+ account to multiple Tumblr accounts. We also offer advanced posts analytics as an Enterprise offering.

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Queue+ hits 50,000 users!

We've been working hard on building a few great apps over the last few months, and one of them is Queue+. If you do not know what it is, you can find out more about it here. We went into public beta little over six months ago and the initial user response was [...]

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