What is the Listr?currently in closed beta

Listr does exactly what its name sounds like, it lists stuff. In this case it is an app for Tumblr that helps you create lists of blogs and then view only posts by those blogs on your Tumblr dashboard. It's fully integrated into Tumblr and is currently in closed beta. We here at Essence Labs love lists and rely heavily on them when we use Twitter, most of the team here uses Tumblr a lot and always wished Tumblr introduced lists too but it seemed like it wasn't happening anytime soon. So we started developing Listr. Listr is currently our little secret which is overshadowed by our more popular Tumblr apps such as Queue+ and Archive Poster.

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New Year, Better Us!

First things first, we'd like to wish you all a happy new year and hope you enjoyed your holidays! Last year has been huge and super busy at Essence Labs! We've been working with awesome clients, building cool stuff and have also made many small updates to the[...]

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Listr is in private beta, so you will need an invite code.

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