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What is the Archive Poster?for the curious souls

Getting the concept behind the Archive Poster might not be easy for those who might not use Tumblr archive pages. So if you haven’t seen an archive page yet, we suggest you go to any blog you like and visit its archive. You can have a look at an example archive page here. Traditionally archive pages were meant for people to have a birds eye view of their posts through out their blogs history. So we thought why not add a way to reblog from these archive pages too? Slowly but steadily Archive Poster went from a simple reblogging utility to an advanced publishing tool for Tumblr. Today Archive Poster can mass reblog, queue, draft and edit posts right from archives. Archive Poster also comes integrated with an advanced post scheduling app called Queue+ which you can find out more about here. Queue+ mobile apps let you post from archives too.

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New Year, Better Us!

First things first, we'd like to wish you all a happy new year and hope you enjoyed your holidays! Last year has been huge and super busy at Essence Labs! We've been working with awesome clients, building cool stuff and have also made many small updates to the[...]

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