Essence Labs is a full service digital agency that offers a comprehensive range of services targeted towards small businesses to multinational corporations. Along with our services we also produce some excellent apps & tools geared towards everyone, including our clients.

Archive Poster

Archive Poster is a Chrome extension which is built to be used with Tumblr. Archive Poster helps Tumblr users queue and reblog multiple posts from a blogs archive page itself. It’s a tool built for people who don’t have much time to maintain their blog but want to keep it updated quickly. It’s loved by thousands of Tumblr users and includes a few nifty features such as a post limit checker.

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Essence Webs

Essence Webs is the web hosting arm of Essence Labs. We used to have public web hosting offerings up until 2012 and operated under a different name for hosting but we spinned Essence Webs as a private client-only premium hosting offering. Essence Webs’ backbone is powered by industry leading companies such as Rackspace and Linode. We are also an official Cloudflare partner and offer premium CDN services through Essence Webs.

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Essence X

Essence X is an advertising network. It’s in its alpha stages and is currently being tested. Essence X was mainly formed to offer content advertising solutions to our clients and users, something that was easy to use and setup. We are also experimenting with advertisers who wish to broadcast their products and services on our networks. Our publishers currently manage to more than 20 millions views per month and we expect the reach to grow as we move into stable stages.

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Listr brings Twitter’s list functionality to Tumblr. It allows users to quickly create new lists and view posts from just those blogs, natively right on their Tumblr dashboard. It is currently in private beta and was awarded the Best UI/UX award at HackNY.

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Queue+ serves as an advanced blog management system for the Tumblr. It provides a quick way to aggregate content from various sources and have them evenly post to a blog over a span of time. It recently went into its public beta and even has its own mobile apps.

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