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My Town and Me

My Town and Me aims to feature hidden gems of quaint little towns, cities you could never imagine would be interesting to visit and local happenings that will keep you updated 365 days a year from a local's perspective. Essence Labs is a partner at My Town and Me, we lead the design and development and help with branding. My Town and Me started with three 'towns' under it's roster and each 'town' had its own dedicated website which gave an overview about all the hot and happening things there locally.

Tonner Toys

Tonner Toys was a venture by the Tonner Doll Company for summer of 2012. Tonner Toys was a new line of dolls targeted towards kids unlike their collector dolls. We built them an interactive website that showcased their dolls and all the accessories that came with the dolls.

Tonner Blog

Tonner Doll Company reached out to us for an advanced blogging solution when they decided to take their content publishing up a notch. Their CMS is powered by Drupal and it isn't exactly the best blogging platform. Our team came with a solution that didn't require to leave their current content management system and still get to use the best blogging CMS out there. We designed and integrated a Wordpress blog right into their Drupal website in a way that the visitors wouldn't notice a difference.

Tonner Doll Duels

Tonner Doll Duels by the Tonner Doll Company was one of our first large scale projects, we are currently in the process of working towards a second version of the website due to its popularity amoung Tonner fanbase. The idea behind Tonner Doll Duels is actually quite simple. Doll collectors submit their custom made dolls and then people rate them through a system called 'duels' which was on the websites homepage. Popular dolls end up on the leaderboard and each submission would have its own page. We also added on some duel widgets later on for people to embed these duel stages onto their own websites. Essence Labs designed and developed the Doll Duels brand.