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Ineffable.IM is a fashion and lifestyle blog that focuses on smart style. We were approached by Vivian Chen, the editor in chief over at Inffable.IM for help with branding and strategy. They had all the content chops but needed direction. Our team currently manages Ineffable.IM's marketing and all the technology behind it. The website was redesigned to highlight their content and be more visually appealing.

Demand Design

Demand Design is magazine that focuses on several topics such as Experience Design. This was a fun project for us to work on because it has a few very unique features, it was quite challenging too. The website is powered by Wordpress with some custom functionality added in. Demand Design isn't like any other magazine site, it's a community magazine with advanced content controls and moderation queues. Anyone can submit content and have author pages, they also have verified authors which have more control over the content they submit. It's influenced by the principles of classic Swiss graphic design.

ENTN Radio

ENTN Radio is a popular radio show in the Dominican Republic. We were tasked with building them a visually appealing website which gave quick updates about the show to visitors right from the homepage. We collaborated with WinMe Social Media Agency on this project and assisted them with print media for ENTN.


Hoot'n'Annie is a personal favorite of many team members who worked on this project because it was a really fun project to work on. Hoot'n'Annie is a local lifestyle blog written by Matt & Annie Browne. They're located in Paso Robles which is a well known wine region so most of their posts revolve around wine and wineries. It used to be a simple Wordpress blog, but Essence Labs helped them carve out a brand out of their content. Our team came up with a unique design and logo which related to their content and also helped them with design on Hoot'n'Annies' social fronts.


The story behind 8Limbs is inspiring, it is Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu's Muay Thai journal and documents her day to day life as a fighter who moved to Thailand to train and fight full-time. What makes the website interesting is that it started through a Kickstarter campaign, that also made it a bit challenging for us to work on because not only did we have to hit our clients expectations but their backers too. It took us a few weeks to do but what came out was truly awesome. One of the very unique things about 8Limbs apart from it's design is the artwork in the background. Sylvie provided us this sketch of an octopus by Alexis Marcou and we were tasked to use it somewhere on the website, and you can see just how nicely that was executed.

My Town and Me

My Town and Me aims to feature hidden gems of quaint little towns, cities you could never imagine would be interesting to visit and local happenings that will keep you updated 365 days a year from a local's perspective. Essence Labs is a partner at My Town and Me, we lead the design and development and help with branding. My Town and Me started with three 'towns' under it's roster and each 'town' had its own dedicated website which gave an overview about all the hot and happening things there locally.

Razor Vapor Facebook App

This actually was an experimental app which gave some very good and unexpected results. We ended up using it for a cool contest that was being run by Razor for their Vapor Blaster giveaway. The app attracted a lot of attraction (and a lot of entries) because of how interactive it was, and it was inside Facebook. These were the days when Facebook had vertical page app tabs and no one thought anything unique like this could be done.

Tonner Doll Duels

Tonner Doll Duels by the Tonner Doll Company was one of our first large scale projects, we are currently in the process of working towards a second version of the website due to its popularity amoung Tonner fanbase. The idea behind Tonner Doll Duels is actually quite simple. Doll collectors submit their custom made dolls and then people rate them through a system called 'duels' which was on the websites homepage. Popular dolls end up on the leaderboard and each submission would have its own page. We also added on some duel widgets later on for people to embed these duel stages onto their own websites. Essence Labs designed and developed the Doll Duels brand.