New Year, Better Us!


First things first, we’d like to wish you all a happy new year and hope you enjoyed your holidays! Last year has been huge and super busy at Essence Labs! We’ve been working with awesome clients, building cool stuff and have also made many small updates to the agency behind the scenes. Those small updates have turned into something big and it’s about time we tell you about it.

The Website

If you have been following Essence Labs since it launched back in 2010, you may know we never really had a proper website. It’s always been a small page with a summary about what we did and a contact email. We launched this website back in August, it was a silent launch, we weren’t ready to show it off back then. The new website showcases our work, the team, the services we offer and our products. It’s literally huge and we also have a few secret hidden pages you can get to if you decide to dig into it. ūüėČ

Our Core

Essence Labs outgrew what it was made to be, we started out as a web design agency but over the years we have been moving more towards an integrated environment and bringing services in-house. It started off with providing clients web hosting for the websites we designed. We acquired a web hosting company early 2012 and re-branded it as Essence Webs. Since then we have developed exclusive partnerships with a few agencies and companies for services. We now are a full service digital agency that focuses on web development, integrated marketing and social media. We aim to fulfill all of your digital needs, online and offline.

Client Portal

A client portal had been on the to do list since we started but we never got to it. We finally had our client portal developed late last year and after thorough testing we are happy to say it’s ready to be used. 80% of our clients have already been on boarded into it and everyone loves it. If you are a client and don’t have access to it, please get in touch with your account manager, they’ll get you set up. Clients can securely get an overview of their services, get support and make payments all at one place.


Our products have been doing super well, all of our apps have grown exceptionally. We’ve been experimenting with a few services such as Essence X, which is an advertising network in alpha stages. We have a few hundred users testing it out for us and the initial reports have been pleasing. We have also been testing waters in the apparel industry. Our web hosting arm, Essence Webs now offers infrastructure and security management, the team is proud to have fought off almost ten major server attacks ¬†successfully¬†last year.


I can’t talk about our growth without talking about our clients! Every year we get to work with the coolest people ever, each project is unique in it’s own way and working on these incredible projects is what keeps us going. ¬†Last year we had the honor to work with some of the best agencies such as¬†Ogilvy and also worked on projects for huge brands such as¬†Coca-Cola Company,¬†Nestl√© and more.


We formed a few partnerships throughout the year to better our services. Including tie ups with major hosting companies such as Rackspace, Linode and Amazon Web Services to enhance Essence Webs. We became an official Cloudflare CDN Partner and started offering premium CDN services to our clients for free. We have also been a RedBooth¬†partner since it launched (which is around the same time we started), they had a great year. It was nice to see them grow and be a part of it. There’s a few external agencies we’ve been working regularly with as well, we’ll be posting their details on our Clients & Partners page in the coming weeks.

That is it for now, bet that was a lot of reading! That’s what happens when we don’t post regular updates, which won’t be the case this year. We have plans to keep this blog active with short regular updates, so you better be stalking us on the social networks to stay updated.

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