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Our shared hosting servers are highly optimized and categorized to serve specific types of content such as powering Wordpress or e-commerce websites. Perfect for people who run small business websites or have blogs.


Semi-Dedicated servers have much more powerful hardware behind the websites and are shared between a limited amount of users with higher resource usage limits than shared servers.


Essence Webs specializes in dedicated server management and helps clients get started with dedicated servers within minutes. We have ties with industry leading datacenters and provide the best bang for your buck.

Digital Technology

Technology evolves fast and we help you keep up with it. We work with you to create a web presence that is unique to you. Using custom solutions we create strong, scalable experiences that showcase your brand to the world.

Social Media

You know your product better than anyone as well as your target demographic, we facilitate articulation between the two. We help you figure out what works for you and how to reach your max potential in a creative and unique way.

Integrated Marketing

You get the best of our services. We carefully craft a strategy and make sure everything is perfect till the end. Whether you are a small business or an aspiring startup, we deliver a custom integrated experience.