The Team

Meet the people that make it happen. Feel free to stalk them, they’re really friendly and will probably stalk you back.

Team - Deep Soni
  • Deep Soni

  • Creative Director / Chief Executive Officer
Deep developed a sheer interest in how the web worked since he was ten years old. He created his first website when he was twelve and continued teaching himself to code and design throughout his teen years. Before Essence Labs he used to freelance and helped small business with their online presence. After noticing the hassles people went through while getting their work done, Deep founded Essence Labs in 2010. With a mission to make the whole process easy, he formed a freelance collective of highly talented people that got things done while keeping the bar set high.

Deep leads the creative process for our clients with a passion for integrated branding that focuses on developing emotional connections with consumers. Aside from being involved in the creative process, Deep loves working on frontend UI/UX design and development. He is currently pursuing a BFA in Communication Design and has a keen interest in learning new tools of trade. In his free time he assists our team with server administration or product development. He also enjoys blogging about technology/design and is a complete social media junkie.
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Team - Ashish Pandhi
  • Ashish Pandhi

  • Senior Programmer / Security Specialist / Co Founder
Ashish always had an interest in programming with a natural curiosity to determine how apps and website back-ends work, he has excelled in his field. Long before Essence Labs was founded, Ashish worked with Deep on freelance projects as the coding expert behind Deep’s designs. In 2010, he decided to turn his hobby into a career and helped co-found Essence Labs. Having worked on numerous projects and developed many complex applications for various clients across diverse industries, he specializes in adapting to and improving upon existing code-bases. In his spare time, he learns new web technologies and incorporates them into his work. Keeping Essence Labs and their clients at the cutting edge and often ahead of the pack. When not programming he likes to browse source codes of websites and scan them for vulnerabilities and exploits. He also secretly loves Tumblr, and through his testing, has “broken it” on many occasions, which in fact did get us into trouble with them a few years ago. Since then we actively report back bugs and exploits as we find them to contribute to the Tumblr user experience and safety.
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Team - Cai Palmiter
  • Cai Palmiter

  • Marketing Director
Cai is a bilingual global marketer and a food enthusiast with a keen eye for detail. Cai’s love of food and marketing started with her career in South East Asia working for various F&B companies. She moved to the US seven years ago and now lives on a tiny island of Outer Banks, North Carolina. Cai holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts from St. Paul University, Philippines and got her MBA in Marketing and Global Management from the University of Phoenix in 2012. At Essence Labs Cai provides valuable input on corporate branding, design and handles most of the marketing campaigns. When she’s not working, you can always catch her at the beach with her boys or in the kitchen, cooking or baking her heart out.
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Team - Angela Atkinson
  • Angela Atkinson

  • Copywriter / Editor
Angela is a writer and editor and loves what she does. She knew she wanted to be a writer from the moment she started scribbling in her first diary as a kid. She joined Essence Labs in 2013; she does copy writing, content creation, and editing for clients. She also helps us out with press releases and keeps our news section organized. She has previously worked with many popular content companies and more recently left AoL's Patch to explore new opportunities. Angela graduated with a degree in Journalism at the Eastern Illinois University. When not working on client projects, Angela dedicates her time to writing about self development and lifestyle for a few of her own blogs. She is also a published author and has written a few books.
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Team - Sergey Marchuk
  • Sergey Marchuk

  • SEO Specialist / SEM Consultant
Sergey thinks outside the box and find ways to get results. Before he joined Essence Labs he used to manage vendor relations at OnTrac. He left his day job to start working at home and to pursue something he loved doing. Sergey loves to analyze, optimize and change things up to see if a process or product can be made more efficient or better. His expertise includes SEO, SEM, Conversion Optimization and Digital Analytics. In his free time he blogs about geeky SEO tips, tricks and tutorials.
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Team - Shyam Singh
  • Shyam Singh

  • Developer
Shyam is our go to guy for Windows development, desktop and server side. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and used to do IT training for them before he joined Essence Labs. He specializes in ASP.NET, SQL, Java, C# and Python and has over 10 years of experience in the IT field. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Applications from IGNOU, New Delhi. Aside from application development Shyam helps the team with various technical tasks when needed. In his free time he loves to venture out of his comfort zone and learn emerging technologies, he also has an interest in 3D modeling, digital sculpting, matte painting, rigging and animation.
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