The Process

Many people who seek to work with us often wonder how we function as a company without an actual physical brick and mortar office. To be honest, this at start was mainly to drive down operating cost but over the years we realized we didn’t really need an office. As time went by we settled into a workflow which didn’t require us all to be present at one location to work together as a team, there are situations at times when we need to meet up with a client or need to hold an onsite conference. During such situations our team resorts to meeting up at pleasant locations such as cafes, which are convenient to the client locally. We come to you. And for those big fancy conferences we get fancy too, who doesn’t love to meet up in a five star hotel conference rooms. 😉

A creative process is our secret to awesomeness. Everything needs deep planning and we take our process very seriously because in it is the essence of everything we do. Here is how we work and how we plan your journey with us.

Getting to Know You

It’s all about the communication, and you laughing at our silly jokes. If that isn’t a problem we can be e-bffs! (We just made that up!) Nope seriously, that is exactly what you should expect. We love what we do and it is important to us that you have fun while we do our job, work doesn’t need to include headaches and super serious environments. The initial stages would be about getting to know you and what you have in your mind. We start off with a few basic questionnaires and a few calls.

To the whiteboard.

The first stage is about harnessing the synergy of working together. Once we are on the same page we process everything we know about you and your vision for the project and work towards making it happen. This is usually the most exciting part, next to looking at your completed project, of course. Our role is to capture your thoughts and goals and bring them together so they come alive on the digital landscape. We may hit the nail in our first attempt, may not; but we will work together to keep on improving on the concepts before moving on to the next stage.

Putting the pieces together

After planning it all out and after you approve the concepts we move on to exploring our options and technologies we can utilize to make your project as robust as possible. Our team works together in this stage and makes sure all aspects of your project talk to each other and are integrated into its core.

Ignition, check. Engine, check. Ready for launch?

After hours of planning and development we come up with an execution strategy. Most clients do not expect this as a part of the process but how you execute your launch is really important. We plan and outline the process to ensure that a lunch is smooth and on time. Whether it maybe a campaign or a startup launch, we will be behind you until you launch.

The end?

A true journey never ends. We hold your hand through your journey with us and make sure you are ready for the world wild webs. But that isn’t the end, we will always be there. We offer six months of complimentary support on all of our projects which includes time to time website tune ups, updates, security checks and us making sure anything doesn’t break while you do your thing. There is a reason why we are a full service agency; we make sure maintaining the awesomeness is easy.