Company Overview

Essence Labs is a full service digital agency that offers a comprehensive range of services targeted towards small businesses to multinational corporations. Founded in early 2010 by Deep Soni, Essence Labs has grown organically through a commitment of providing quality services to clients, regardless of the medium.

Essence Labs started as a freelance collective that focused mainly on web design, but as time went by we changed direction. We learned a lot from the work we did with our clients and realized that most needed more than just a pretty website. There was a lot more involved after the launch phase and many seemed to have issues finding the right people to work with. We decided to end all hassle and provide it all at one place.

Our mission is to make the whole process easy. We help your ideas come alive, and hold your hand through it all; while making sure your idea is still as shiny as it was when you first thought about it.

We are no longer a collective of freelancers but do often work with unique individuals from time to time on projects to keep that flare burning. We have a very experienced team which puts their hearts and souls into the work they do. Despite many changes in how we work since we started, we deeply stick to our roots. Essence Labs specializes in working within budget and still produces quality work. The aim is to keep it simple.

Essence Labs provides a wide array of services which include Web Design & Development, Social Media, and Integrated Marketing. We have representatives in US, UK, UAE and India and we work with clients across the globe. Not only does that make us good at dealing with time zones but we bring in a unique global perspective and understand audiences around the world.

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